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Potty Training
Potty Training

Barrel-chested muscle bear Bronson is laying on the floor, chained to a toilet wearing a neoprene hood covering his eyes. Race Cooper pees in the toilet, then bends down to give Bronson some cock-and-ball torture. After some sucking and rimming in the bathroom, Race leads his submissive bear bottom into the dungeon for some serious fucking in the sling. In real life, this is Bronson’s very first experience with role play and kinky fetish sex.

Time: 02:04
Added: April 8, 2014
Views: 2225

Unloading In The Toilet Bow
Unloading In The Toilet Bow

Our sneaky camera is back to catch the boys pissing and jerking in the toilet!

Time: 05:37
Added: December 21, 2015
Views: 685

Thick Dick Test
Thick Dick Test

Supposedly, the proven method for telling if you have a thick dick is to get yourself fully hard, then try to stick your dick in a toilet paper roll. If it slides through with little or no resistance, not to worry, you’re in the normal range. If it goes in halfway but gets stuck or won’t even go in at all, then congratulations. You, Sir, are the proud owner of a fat cock. After Davey and Travis have some fun shoving each other’s rods through a toilet paper roll, they find themselves left with fully aroused dicks and nothing to do. It would be such a shame to waste the raging boners they’ve worked up, so the horny boys decide to put those big dicks to use and fuck the cum out of each other.

Time: 05:10
Added: April 19, 2015
Views: 1026

Bristol Boys
Bristol Boys

Two horny young guys fucking in pubs quiet room

Time: 02:56
Added: March 28, 2014
Views: 1488

Trash Session in Public Toilet
Trash Session in Public Toilet

Two dudes in tracksuits and sneakers follow each other into some public toilets for some piss, trampling, rimming dirty socks sniffing action...They end up eating each others ass in a pool, check it out!

Time: 01:27
Added: June 3, 2013
Views: 1504

The Hungover Movie Trailer
The Hungover Movie Trailer

Starring one of the biggest names in Gay Asian Porn, Coda Filthy, the movie is best described as "making a splash" with "the gay version of the wolf pack," with the cast of Rave Hardick, Skylar Starr and Damien getting together for a weekend getaway at a resort in Palm Springs. The story starts with the models waking up in their hotel room trying to remember what happened the day before, only they seem to be missing someone; Coda. Flashback to the previous day's Sexploits, and we eventually discover that Coda was left with his face down on the the toilet, covered only by a pair of underwear.

Time: 04:07
Added: August 22, 2016
Views: 687

Used as a urinal
Used as a urinal

After a photo shoot, model Ivan (21) desperately needs to take a piss, so the photographer´s assistant Basti (25) is then used as a toilet. A hardcore wet session then starts and Basti has to drink the piss from Ivan and photographer Timo (27) in turn, and during the breaks he has their thick cocks thrust deep down his throat. While Timo is ramming his hard 20x5 knob into this throat right up to the hilt and Ivan is fucking his ass, Basti moans in ecstasy...

Time: 03:09
Added: March 9, 2014
Views: 1605

Oral Ram Raiding Youth
Oral Ram Raiding Youth

Martin is a handsome, masculine fucker; Boys his age have cocks that are easily stimulated, and once aroused the urgent need for sexual gratification consumes them and must be sated. After using his sub's mouth as a toilet, Martin orders peter to lap up any dribbles; The attention his sensitive penis gets in the sub's slutty warm mouth makes it instantly grow thick and stiff, giving the cruel youth an idea. Gripping it's head tightly, Martin pummels the sub's face, fucking its tight throat hard and fast, enjoying the choking and discomfort he's causing this filthy little cock whore.

Time: 00:21
Added: March 23, 2014
Views: 1545

Jimmie Slater Fucks Trit Tyler Bareback
Jimmie Slater Fucks Trit Tyler Bareback

Jimmie Slater just got home from the gym and he's sweaty as fuck. He hops in the shower and soaps himself up and is interrupted by a very horny Trit Tyler. Tyler sucks Jimmie's big cock and Jimmie drops to his knees and returns the favor. Jimmie bends Trit over and rams his tongue deep in the sexy boys tight hole, loosening it up for an assault from his huge cock. And assault the boys ass he does. He fucks him doggie style over the bathtub and then get's him on his back on the toilet and fucks the living hell out of him. Trit ends up climbing aboard Jimmie's rock hard cock and riding it until he shoots a huge load all over his stomach. Jimmie flips the boy over and shoots a massive load all over the bottom's hole and fucks it in good and deep.

Time: 06:21
Added: December 17, 2014
Views: 652

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